If you are looking for a standard flat canicross course … this is not it! Our route is a 5 mile course at Whinlatter forest with 1200ft of ascent. It reaches the summit of Seat How, is a mix of forest roads and narrower walking trails but has stunning scenery across the whole course. It’s based in England’s only mountain forest, it isn’t flat!

We also offer a shorter 3 mile option, which we would recommend for those new to the sport or wanting less ascent. This is still a beautiful route, with 800ft of ascent, but avoids the summit of Seat How. Part of both routes is identical, allowing all participants to start and finish together.

We do not operate any time limits. Everyone is free to walk or run as much as they and their dog feel able to.

We do run the course in both directions at different times of the year. For both January and February events the runs will run the opposite way around. GPX files of these routes will be sent out to entrants.

We use the following system to grade our routes:

GREEN: easy, non technical running with minimal ascent

BLUE: some ascent and descent but on non-technical ground

RED: significant ascent and descent for the length of run and some slightly technical ground

BLACK: significant ascent and descent mainly on technical ground.

Click the following links for dropbox links to the GPX files:

5 mile This has been graded as RED

3 mile This has been graded as RED

Our courses are all marked, but minimally. Fitting with our ethos, we do not plaster the forest in neon signs, but try to keep a low key presence. You do need to keep your eyes open!

Please note that some sections of the route are relatively steep – please ensure that you are only moving at a speed that you are comfortable with on those. This may mean holding your dog back.

Our full route
This is the elevation profile of our run. Please remember it can be run in both directions (Jan & Feb 23) with the opposite elevation profile delivering a significant climb in the middle.